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Julia's Dance Academy History

Julia's Dance Academy is a family-friendly dance studio in Norman, Oklahoma that was founded in 2009 by Peter and Yulia Zhmutski.


  • Julia's won the "Studio of the Year" award by the Destined 2 Dance Competition in 2009.
  • Julia's was voted the "Best Technical Ballet Instructor" by the Destined 2 Dance Competition in 2009.
  • Julia's was voted the "Best Foreign and Cultural Dance" studio by the Destined 2 Dance Competition in 2009.
  • In 2010 Julia's partnered with Sooner Dance Company of the University of Oklahoma.
  • In 2015 & 2016 Julia's worked with the Moscow Ballet and her students performed in the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker.

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge:
3 1st Place Golds
1 High Gold
1 Judges Choice

1 High Gold

OK-LA Showcase:
1 Platinum

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge:
4 1st Place High Golds
1 Judges Choice

4 Gold
2 Platinum


3, 1st place awards
3, 2nd place awards

2 High Gold

Hall of Fame Dance Challenge:

12 1st Place High Golds
2 High Golds
2 High Score
2 Top Score
Judges Choice


Today, Julia's Dance Academy keeps growing, changing people's lives and inspiring artists across the world.


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About Yulia

Yulia Zhmutski, Prima Ballerina, Founder & Ballet Instructor

Yulia Zhmutski, Prima Ballerina, Founder & Ballet Instructor

Yulia Zhmutski founded Julia’s Dance Academy in 2009 out of a desire to share her passion for dance with the Norman community.  Yulia has professional training in Russian classical ballet, more specifically the Vaganova Method, which she received in Tashkent, Uzebekistan.

Through Julia’s Dance Academy, Yulia has been partnering with the Moscow Ballet annually since 2014 to put on The Great Russian Nutcracker and she finds the experience invaluable, as it gives her students the experience of being part of a professional company, while working with a traditional, original piece.

Yulia enjoys using new, modern techniques and incorporating it with a traditional methods, to change things up and create her own style.  She believes that every single person can be taught to dance, without exception, however, everyone learns differently.  By instilling teamwork, creativity and communication in her students, she aims to create an environment where students from all backgrounds and walks of life feel welcomed, encouraged, and excited!

Each spring Julia’s Dance Academy puts on a recital and our students work all year to prepare for the show.  These recitals are near and dear to Yulia’s heart, as they showcase both the talents and the passion of all the students here at Julia’s.  Yulia’s goal each year is to tell a unique and inspiring story that makes the audience feel like they are a part of our show, which gives the dancers and the audience a exceptional and one-of-a-kind experience.

Over the years, Yulia has taken dozens of students to competitions all around Oklahoma and she is proud to see almost all of them attain high gold, platinum, and first place awards and scholarships at Hall of Fame, Encore and Tremaine among others.

If there is one thing Yulia believes in, above everything else, it is that every student that wants to learn should have a chance, and Julia’s Dance Academy hopes to bring that happiness to every person who signs up for a class!

About Peter

Peter Zhmutski was born in the former Soviet Union. He studied & mastered the crafts of music, sports, languages, acting, film, television, & professional writing. Zhmutski came to USA  in '98 having completed an 8-year music degree & holding a diploma from the Linguistic Gymnasia. After receiving his BA in Communication from PSU, Zhmutski opened 'PZ Production" a film production company in '02. He directed & produced over a dozen award winning film projects & acted in more than 20 films. Zhmutski moved to Oklahoma in '03. He received his Master of Professional Writing diploma from OU where he also taught film & video courses. Aside from the film business, Zhmutski produced 15 original individual music CDs & scored 16 films. He was invited to develop projects for different production companies across the US. From '07-'09 he developed projects for Hollywood companies in CA. He returned to Oklahoma with his wife Yulia Zhmutski & their daughter Julia to open Julia's Academy of Dance!


As a dancer at JuliA's, Your child: 

1. Will practice the fundamentals correctly, avoiding unnecessary injuries and traumas (SAFETY)

2. Will learn correct terminology for all of the movements and techniques, providing competence in scholastic advancement (KNOWLEDGE) 

3. Will acquire the true essence of being a dancer, including the ethics and aesthetics (BEAUTY) 

4. Will become a highly disciplined artist – a proven factor to improve performance in school and better behavior at home (CONSISTENCY)

5. Showcase their talent and skills mastered at Julia’s and be a part of professional performing arts productions (PURPOSE) 

6. Can advance to certification level awarded by industry recognized dance professionals. This certification provides your child entrance into advanced levels of training or performing (CREDIBILITY)


Julia's has a list of policies that we ask that all of our students and parents follow to make things here at Julia's run more smoothly!  Click below to read more about our policies.

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