Look what people are saying about us!

Candy Kriete:

I am impressed with how the teachers and staff are always accommodating to help make arrangements for makeup classes and giving advice on how to help the kids improve their skills. Jocelyn loves coming to class; it's the highlight of her week! She loves the songs in her class and dress up time. She has grown in her listening skills as well as finding a love for dance. 


Mark and Leah Abel:

When we moved from Norman, we were looking for a place for our daughter to learn ballet. After hearing great things about Julia's, we figured we would give it a try. The first class was amazing and our daughter was in love immediately. The staff is very helpful, friendly and informative. Miss Yulia has been very welcoming and helpful with us every time we are in the studio. Miss Kimberly has done excellent work in helping our daughter learn something she is so passionate about. We reccomend Julia's to anyone that wants an inviting and warm place to bring their child to learn this art. 


Nichole Gobble:

Taking ballet has helped build confidence and improved self esteem in my daughters. The staff are very patient and caring and take joy in teaching the students. My girls look forward to l earning new moves and truly love being ballerinas!!


Amy Watson:

We were looking for a place to teach our daughter ballet, so I started where most parents would, the internet. I found a few places in town, but none of them called me back except for Julia's. The staff has been unbelieveable and our daughter is enjoying herself more than I ever thought she would. We can see that she is improving each week and she looks forward to her classes. The price is super reasonable and you can try before you buy! We would recommend Julia's to anyone and everyone!


Jennifer Jackson:

We first came to Julia's Academy because they allowed young children to dance and our daughter wanted something to do like big brothers. We have been beyond impressed since attending. It amused us that Ms. Yulia was teaching the little ones. My daughter loves Ms. Yulia and loves to come to dance. She has so much fun and has become more graceful, focused and disciplined, but all in a fun environment. If you want to learn from the best but having fun doing it, Julia's Academy is for  you!!


Julia Naramore:

Two years ago my son Ethan saw the Nutcracker and told me that he wanted to do that. He wanted to do ballet. I looked at several studios before starting at Julia's. Ethan now takes both ballet and hip-hop and loves them both. It's so exciting to see him grow through dance and the recitals are so exciting. Ethan looks forward to the next recital the moment one recital ends. I love the way the teachers not only teach the technique of dance but also the joy of dance. Thank you Julia's for bringing the joy of dance to my son!


Alyssa Smith:

I love dancing at Julia's because I know it is the best and it is such a posative atmosphere.  During my time at Julia's I know my skills have improved and my love of dance has grown.  Ms. Yulia makes you want to try your best because you know she is putting her best into teaching you.  I love how personalized each class can be. Mrs. Yulia can give us a routine, but she will still go through and individualize it toward each dancer to push them harder.


DeAnn Smith:

I appreciate the technical instruction my daughter Alyssa has received from Mrs. Yulia.  She sets high expectations for her students and encourages them continually strive to improve their skill level.  Although my daughter had been dancing for 11 years, I've been impressed with the confidence and technical skill she's gained during the past year at Julia's Academy of International Dance.  We're so glad we found this studio!


Alicia Johnson:

Since my daughter has been attending Julia's I have noticed she has more self confidence and also has more self control.  She loves dance and wants to make Ms. Yulia proud in each class.  Julia's is special because of the class size and the loving touch that is provided to each student.  The students are taught to dance in a fun however are learning proper form.  I chose Julia's because of the warm and loving atmosphere there.  From the moment I walked in the door of Julia's for the first time I was made to feel that my child was important and that she would learn to dance in a nurturing atmosphere.


Heather O'Malley:

Vivien has always had a lot of confidence but i think her confidence has grown even more with her dance. This was the most evident this year with the recital. She worked very hard at her tap routine, practicing for hours to the music in front of the computer, watching a video of the routine we made. She was very nervous about not putting on a good show and wanted to have her performance in the bag. When it came time to preform, she got a little flustered during the show, but I was so proud of all the effort that she put in to prepare.

Vivien is my first little dancer. When I was first looking for a studio, I liked that the emphasis was on dance. Learning dance, perfecting dance, loving dance. My sister in law, who has two gorgeous ballerinas, twins-who just came back from a summer of dancing at the Milwaukee ballet, and they said you have to find a studio that teaches, not just preforms. I have found that here at Julia's. I want Vivien to have the skills, I don't want her to just be learning routines for performances, and she is learning a lot.


Nichole Gobble:

Taking ballet helped build confidance and improved self-esteem in my two daughters. The staff are very patient and caring and take joy in teaching the students. My girls look forward to learning new moves and truly love being ballerinas!


Jon Velie:

The teaching, culture and service we have found at Julia’s Academy of International Dance is simply wonderful. With world-class Prima Ballerina Yulia Zhmutski, our daughters have learned incredible skills but moreover, the attention and caring she gives makes our girls love to come back. 


Susan G. Davis:

Two years ago I had just finished riding in a bike league here in Norman.  Wondering what my next endeavor was going to be, because exercise has always been a big priority.  A good friend that lives in Boston had mentioned to me earlier in the spring this new rave called ZUMBA!  She knows how much I love dance and told me that I needed to check it out. During my time of pondering I had entered into our book store, Borders.  Meandering one day I happened to notice on one of their cork bill boards a flyer with a tear off tag advertising a free class of ZUMBA at a dance studio by the name;  Julia's International Dance Studio. Coincidence, I don't think so...

Several days went by the tiny tag that I so carefully placed in my car as a reminder kept enticing me to call and check it out.  I didn't have any reason not to.  It was free; I certainly have entered into many other curriculums’ not knowing anyone else there.  What harm could it do? If I didn't like it I would just walk....

 For you who know me and those that don't. My name is, Susan.  I have become not only a huge fan of ZUMBA but a great fan and supporter for the family of Julia's International Dance Studio.  How can you not admire this young adult couple?  Watching them grow has been so inspiring.  They only know how to go forward to strive with optimism.  They only know that beyond the stars is the limit that nothing is going to stop their dream.

 Not so fast I'm not finished.  There is one other part of this family that can't be over looked due to the fact that the Studio is named after her; their precious baby girl, Julia.  She was about five months old when I first laid eyes on her.  Never was she cranky, crying or unruly.  It was as if she was a natural for dance and music.  She is now two and a half and has become one of my special treats to go and visit with her and take her to the park to play or to swim.  She and I have bonded and I love her so much.  I thank Peter and Yulia for trusting me with her.

Little over a year ago as I was visiting over at Peter and Yulia's, they surprised me with perhaps the biggest honor of all.  They asked me if I would become Yulia's god-mother for she had not been baptized therefore their child could not according to the Russian Orthodox Church.  I was speechless and knew that it was a serious responsibility.  I agreed and was pleased to be part of a Russian orthodox baptism for her and the baby.  Although I have a daughter, Yulia has become like a daughter and a true friend.

Peter, you and your wife have hearts of gold.  You have been a good friend to me and I see constantly how you help others in need.  You don't ask questions you just extend your open arms and you’re always welcome in your house.

  Please forgive me for taking so long in writing my version of how Julia's Studio has changed my life. You have gotten to know me well enough that my way is not always conducive to others but you get the best from me if you wait long enough.  I love you guys.  Thanks for coming into Norman and into my life.


Liz Amanbayeva:

"I am very impressed with the instructors, level of training and the versatile methods used here at the Julia’sDance Academy.  Everyone is very kind, gentle and inspiring. My children love the high energy classes and as a parent, I appreciate the life values they instill and teach their students.  I have seen improvements in my children in just a short time. They are more respectful and better focused at home and at school.  They are learning respect as well as to do their best in everything they do.  This experience is a great benefit for both my children personally, and physically it is addictive!  Thank you for all your help and guidance."


Clemencia Rodriguez:

"As Latin American living in Oklahoma, Julia's has brought into my life a slice of the culture and lifestyle of my native Colombia. Knowing that I will be able to dance to Caribbean rhythms three times a week has made my life in Oklahoma so much happier. I am Julia's very first Zumba student. In 2008 I responded to a Facebook invitation to join Yaisa Mann at a Zumba class at Julia's. At the time I had no idea what Zumba was. Now, looking back, I realize that responding to that Facebook invitation was one of the best decisions of the decade. "


Helen Chen:

" My husband and I have noticed such a change in our daughter since she has started taking dance at Julia's Academy. Our daughter enjoys classes and loves to show us the new skills she is learning in ballet. She is very proud of herself, and we are proud of her too."


The Veal Family:

" We would recommend Julia's Academy to anyone interested in learning dance. There is a diverse variety of classes and they are very reasonably priced. The people are very nice and warm and care about us as a family. We couldn't be more pleased."


Kimberly Olsen:

 "I found Julia’s Academy by going to my niece’s ballet recital. I had gone to them in the past, and knew that she had started going to a “new ballet academy” here in Norman that had a Russian ballet instructor. I noticed a remarkable improvement in my niece’s dance and technical ability as I watched her. After the program, Peter and Yulia came on stage and stated that they take all ages and abilities.

 Here I was, a 45 year old, that loved to dance, and had been trained by Russian ballet instructors before. That was 25 years ago. The more I thought about it, I realized I truly missed ballet, and the creative outlet it gave me. Would Peter and Yulia even give me - an overweight, 45 year old - a chance?

I started Ballet at 5, auditioned and became an apprentice for The Wichita Falls Ballet Theater at the age of 9. I’ve danced in The Nutcracker, Firebird, Geisel, Mid Summer Night Dream, Carousel, and Oklahoma, just to name a few. I had danced for 13 years, but again that was 25 years ago.. I now have a wonderful family, consisting of a husband and three children. I’m a full time mom and wife, have church responsibilities, and maintain a fulltime job. Could I really find time for myself?

I had to call - they did say they took “any level.” I asked for an audition and they gladly set up a time for me to come in. I didn’t even have tights and a leotard that I could fit into, but I still had my ballet slippers! Peter and Yuila were very gracious and agreed to let me start in the Beginners’ class.

Now, after a year, I’ve lost 40 pounds working with Yuila and the Little Ballerinas! I’ve been in three performances, and love going to as many classes as time permits.

I work for Rug Doctor, driving all over Western Oklahoma. I’m so grateful to have this job, but it’s basically “a man’s job.” However, Yulia has given back to me what I’ve truly been missing, the grace and time to be strong and feminine! She gives me the ability to love and nurture these precious Little Ballerinas! Hopefully, they too will have the same love for dance as Yulia and all of the dancers here have! Thank you, Yulia and Peter, for letting me dance again and bringing back my first love!"


Amy W.

We just started taking our daughter to Julia's. She loves it! Her teachers Yulia and Kimberly are very patient and so great with the kids. We love that we can watch the class as well. We look forward to watching our daughter progress and learn!