TuTu Cute


The Tutu Cute (a mommy & me) class was created just for the littlest ballerinas at our studio.  Our Tutu Cute students are between 3-4 years of age, and most are beginners with dance.  We have to say, they're a pretty cute bunch!!

We hope that through the Tutu Cute class your child will learn to love dancing!  Our tutus learn the basics of concepts such as:

  • Participation
  • Self-expression
  • Introduction to basic body movements
  • Increased comfort working in groups
  • Increased comfort performing on stage with an audience
  • Listening to and learning full directions
  • Independence and autonomy
  • A sense of fun and adventure

Overall, our instructors place emphasis on participation and attitude rather than technique specifically.  Most importantly, we want to help support and give your child self-confidence which is vital for children and young ladies specifically.

We invite and encourage mom, dad or any important primary caregiver to participate in class with their little one!  This helps them to learn important new skills under the guidance of a comfortable and familiar person which is critical at this stage of development.


 Dress Code:

We request that all students be dressed appropriately to obtain the highest level of instruction and progress.  

  • Light pink leotard; Ballet skirt is permitted as long as it is not a distraction 

  • Leather Ballet shoes, full sole.

  • Hair is to be in a bun, if hair is short please have it clipped and sprayed out of face and bangs out of eyes. 

  • Yoga mat for stretching. (which can be purchased and kept at the studio). 

We ask each student to wear a cover up before and after class in the lobby and parking lot.  Ballet shoes are also INSIDE shoes. Please do not wear these to and from class, for your benefit, they will last longer.



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