Russian BAllet & The Vaganova Method


Vaganova Method

Though ballet originated in Italy and France, it is in Russia where classical ballet traditions have been preserved and developed for the world to enjoy.

Ms. Yulia uses the Russian Ballet technique in her classes and more specifically the Vaganova method.

More about the Vaganova method:

• Based on technique

• A progression from basic skills, working up to more difficult forms.

• Emphasis on grace and stage presentation, as well as strength.

Traditional Vaganova students are expected to take courses in ballet as well as character dance, modern, calisthenics/strengthening, as well as studying dance, history, music, and language.

Ms. Yulia and Ms. Catie emphasize that all of their not only develop a solid foundation in technique and knowledge, but that they build out that knowledge into a rich, tapestry of culture that extends beyond just the action of dance itself.