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Ballet 1 - In this class students begin transitioning away from pre-ballet with a little more structure in their class, but still plenty of fun. They will begin learning the essential French vocabulary of ballet: plié, battement tendu, dégagé, grand battement, retiré, soutenu, chaîne, relevé. This is a 45-minute class.

Combo Class - This class is a combination of ballet and tap dance. Students will be introduced to both styles of dance throughout the year. Both ballet shoes and tap shoes are needed for this class. This class is 45 minutes in length.

Tap/Jazz 1/2 - This is our youngest tap and jazz class, also for beginners. We introduce fundamental vocabulary and spend a lot of time working on rhythm and learning to keep a beat. We incorporate techniques using fun games like hopscotch. Dancers as young as 6 may be ready for this class at the instructor's discretion. 


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