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Placement in classes will be determined by the instructor. Please contact the studio about proper class placement.

Ballet 2 - This class expands upon the student’s ballet vocabulary they learned in Ballet 1, while we remind them of the names of each step and ask them if they know the French and English meanings. Vocabulary increases to include: pas de bourrée, échappé, sauté, passé, pas marché, pas de cheval, pas de chat, développé.

Ballet 3 - This class aims for consistency in elemental vocabulary: first arabesque, battement tendu, dégagé, plié, port de bras, détourné, frappé, fondue, rond de jambe, grande battement, and more.

Contemporary & Lyrical I- This class borrows techniques from many modern dance techniques as well as ballet and jazz. Dancers are encouraged to be expressive, and spatially aware of their bodies, using their body weight for floor work, leaps, and turns.

Tap 1 - This is our youngest tap class, also for beginners. We introduce fundamental vocabulary and spend a lot of time working on rhythm and learning to keep a beat. We incorporate technique using fun games like hopscotch.

Jazz 1 - This class is an introduction to Jazz with basic warm-ups and technique exercises, jazz walks, isolations, jumps, and turns. Originating from African dance, today’s Jazz is a uniquely American form of dance that many of us associate with Broadway Musicals.


Hip Hop 1 - This is our youngest Hip Hop class and covers a range of ages from 5-9. This is a fun class covering the essentials of hip-hop style movement, keeping a beat, and counting rhythm all to the beat of current, clean pop songs. This is a 45-minute class. 

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