Ballet 101:  This is the first class in the traditional ballet format.  The class begins with work at the barre. The emphasis in this class is to learn proper positions of the feet and arms.  Basic movements in ballet, body directions, and most importantly discipline in a loving and positive environment.




Ballet 102: Continues the format learned in ballet 101 beginning with work at the barre. Now that positions are learned, the emphasis is on turnout and posture.  Special attention is on building strength and flexibility for injury prevention. Knowledge of spoken and written ballet terms is required. Strength of the ankles is of primary importance in preparation for pointe work. Pre-pointe work begins.




Ballet 103:  Is a more challenging class that begins to focus on the details and intricacies of ballet steps while adding more complex combinations. By this level, the work is as much mental as it is physical. Knowing pronunciation of ballet terminology is expected. The emphasis is on flexibility, coordination, and accuracy.




Ballet 104:  This course continues to build on technique, terminology and memorization of more complex choreography.  There is an increased level of specificity and attention to detail in regards to steps, movements and precision.  Learning to dance together as a team, particularly with partnering and synchronization is also emphasized.  This class is more of a commitment - classmates depend on one another more than ever.

Performance quality, style, and showmanship, along with a deeper mastery of musicality is a vital part in Ballet. Beyond technique, students will devote time to learning traditional choreography of classical variations, as well as the history behind many of the most popular ballet stories.


Dress Code:

We request that all students be dressed appropriately to obtain the highest level of instruction and progress. 

  • Leotard (color based on level placed in by instructor) and pink tights (Available at On Pointe Dance N Fitness Wear) 

  • Leather Ballet shoes, full sole. 

  • Hair is to be in a bun, if hair is short please have it clipped and sprayed out of face and bangs out of eyes. 


101: Light blue leotard (no skirt permitted), pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes

102: Lavendar leotard (no skirt permitted), pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes

103: Royal blue leotard (skirt allowed only during barre work), pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes

104:  Black leotard (skirt allowed), pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes


Adult Ballet:


All Levels: Leotard, tights, ballet shoes.

We ask each student to wear a cover up before and after class in the lobby and parking lot. Ballet shoes are not to be worn outside.



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