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Yulia Zhmutski

Studio Founder &

Ballet Instructor

Amelia Morris

Ballet and Receptionist

Yulia founded Julia’s Dance Academy in 2009 out of a desire to share her passion for dance with the Norman community.

Yulia has professional training in Russian classical ballet, more specifically the Vaganova Method, which she received in Tashkent, Uzebekistan.

Amelia is passionate about ballet and is pursuing a degree in dance education. She loves working with children and her dream is to teach ballet. Amelia has been dancing for 18 years. She's trained at Julia’s Dance for the past 9 years. 

Peter Zhmutski

Stretching & Acting

Peter is the creator of Premeditative Stretching, 

a unique stretching and toning system. His knowledge  comes from attending an Olympic Style Russian sport’s school, years of martial arts experience and practice of mind body correlation skills. He also teaches acting for dancers and trains contestants for pageants. 

Brianna Headshot_edited.jpg
Briana Sayles


Briana is a current graduate student at University of Oklahoma, pursuing an MFA in Modern dance, and received her Bachelor's in Arts Entrepreneurship in Dance from the University of Oklahoma. She has been dancing for 20+ years, teaching for 10+ years, and values artistry, injury prevention, and smiles from confident students above all else.

Georgina Ledesma

Ballet & Ballroom

Georgina started teaching ballroom dance in 1990.  She is certified in the Terpsichore syllabus and was a dance major at BYU. She loves the beauty and creativity that is a part of dance and is excited to see her students excel in their talents.

Jessica Michael


Jessica specializes in dance technique. She started teaching at Julia's Dance Academy in 2011.
Besides enjoying the great outdoors and dancing, she enjoys watching her students develop into amazing dancers.

Happiness in Motion 2020-2021 Audrey_-5_edited.jpg
Audrey Morris


Audrey has studied dance for 14 years, and has been at Julia's Dance for the past 8 years. She enjoys all styles of dance but ballet has her heart. She has been assisting in our ballet classes for the past two years and teaching for a year.


Angel Morris

Studio manager

Adelya Gosmanova
Sarah Johnson


Jazz II, Hip Hop II, & Contemporary II 

Ciera Gonzales

Jazz I & Contemporary I 

Adelya has studied dance for 15 years. She specializes in the Vaganova ballet training method and has competed at the international YAGP ballet competition. She currently studies Chemical Biosciences and French at OU. She loves the joy of movement and dance and wants to share her passion with the younger generations. 

Ciera is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She attends OU with a major in biochemistry to become a PA. She started competitive dance when she was 4 and was a part of her high school's dance team. With her mom being a dance studio owner, she grew up in the dance studio environment and loves it.

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