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What Do I Wear to Ballet Class?

So you're going to start taking ballet and you are wondering what to wear- we're here to help! Our local dance store, here in Norman, Oklahoma, has all that you need.

At our dance studio we make it simple- all of our class levels wear color-coded leotards! Tutu Cute wears light pink, Level One wears light blue, Level Two wears lavender, Level Three wears royal blue, Level Four wears black, Level Five wears red, Level Six wears green, and Levels Seven and Eight can wear any color they choose.

Females will need a pair of pink tights (we like convertible tights), proper undergarments as needed, and a pair of pink canvas ballet shoes (we like So Danca "Bliss" shoes.) Males will need a pair of black dance pants, a white shirt, and black canvas ballet shoes, and all males over the age of 11 need a dance belt.

For your first class you can feel free to just wear something comfortable that you can freely move in, like leggings and a work-out top or t-shirt.

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