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Why investing in ballet is investing in your child's future....

What will your child really be getting out of ballet you wonder? What are they truly learning as they spin around and seem to only pay attention for a fraction of the time some weeks? Will this help their development or am I just paying for them to have fun?

First, ballet helps your little one develop self-awareness, discipline, memory, balance, social skills, how to listen to someone other than their parents and regular caregivers. They will learn how their body works and moves, when to be serious, and when to have fun, they will learn that hard work leads to success and achievement.

Being in a classroom environment and focusing on training their body and minds to accomplish new skills can do amazing things for their development. At Julia's Dance in Norman, Oklahoma we want to help aspiring dancers achieve their dreams.

As your dancer grows and progresses in dance you will also see them grow and progress in life. You will see their confidence grow, you will see them work hard to accomplish things, you will see them fail and pick themselves back up again and work harder to succeed. You will see them find joy in those accomplishments and trust in themselves, their abilities, and their bodies. Your dancer will also make lifelong friendships with other dancers who are also working towards becoming their best selves.

If you're wondering if ballet is right for your little one, and your family, come give it a try. The first week is free at Julia's and you can come see what it's all about, and see if ballet is something you think can help your child develop into a strong, confident, capable youth.

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