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Why our Instructors and Staff love dance….

Yulia Zhmutski- Founder and Ballet Instructor

“I love dance because I feel connected with something big, inspirational, and beautiful when I dance. It helps me to recharge and clear my mind, it’s almost like I’m transformed into another universe. It is also an enjoyable way to exercise and stay strong and healthy.

Teaching is a whole different thing; when I teach, I learn myself. I believe when your cup is too full you must pour some out to refill it. I love sharing my knowledge and passion with young dancers. I also love to see my dancers achieve their goals and become the best they can be. I love the wonderful people and unique, amazing personalities of the many different dancers as well. My main goal is not just to teach dance, but to give them skills they can use throughout their lives. There are so many things to learn through dance besides dance. I love watching that process.”

Jessica Michael- Tap Instructor

“I love dance because of the freedom of expression it allows you to achieve within yourself. Dancing helps me deal with busy days and forget the underlying issues I must overcome. Most of all, I love passing down the knowledge of dance to my students and getting to watch them progress into beautiful dancers. I feel so fortunate to have been at Julia’s for ten years. I am thankful I have gotten to know my students not just through dance but on a personal level…. They have become my family.”

Georgina Ledesma- Pre-Ballet Instructor

“I love to dance for several reasons…. I love the symbolism between what I learn dancing with a partner and relationships in life. I love the freedom it gives to express yourself in a unique and creative way, and I love how it makes you feel alive! I think of that scene from Singing in the Rain when Gene Kelly is dancing in the rain, I have often felt like that, not necessarily because of romantic love, but more often from gratitude and love of God for this beautiful life and the miracles I find myself being surrounded by daily. Dance gives me a way to express those feelings of love, gratitude, sorrow, anger, determination, joy and so much more. In the words of LeeAnn Womack…. “I hope you dance!”

Amelia Morris- Ballet Instructor

“I love dance because it’s how I process and express my emotions. I love the discipline of working hard every day to accomplish new skills. I love teaching dance because I love to see little ones light up and I love sharing the joy of dance with them. I also love how freely they show love and how eager they are to learn.

Jamie White- Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz and Hip-Hop Instructor

“I love to dance because it gives you the opportunity to move an audience, to express the emotions of life through art. To tell a story with no words yet manage to reach others clearly. Dancing gives me hope, self-confidence, and freedom. My dance career is something that has shaped me as a person in multiple ways and I wouldn’t be who I am today without my love of dance.”

Audrey Morris- Ballet Assistant

“I love dance because I love the way I can express myself. I love being able to work hard and accomplish things I didn’t think I could. I also love performing and the people I meet through dance and the experiences I gain. I love teaching dance

because I love watching the little ones grow and succeed.”

Briana Sayles- Modern Instructor and Ballet Assistant

"There are so many reasons to love dance, but for me, it's because I find it to be one of the most beautiful ways to express yourself. I've always thought of dancers as storytellers because they can say what words cannot and give a whole new life to a piece of music. As a dance teacher, I feel so lucky to help young artists discover their voice and guide them as they learn how to tell their own incredible stories, as well as getting to learn from their individual and unique creativity through dance. "

Angel Morris- Studio Manager

“My love of dance didn't start when I was young.... it started when my children were young. I loved watching their eyes light up and seeing how much joy dance brought them. As I began working at the studio and my children grew, what I loved also grew. My favorite thing about dance now is watching dancers achieve new skills and blossom. There are moments when you can watch a dancer light up in front of your eyes when everything comes together, and they achieve something new and find grace and passion. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.”

Erica Jenkins- Receptionist

“My enjoyment of dance began early, in ballet classes from age 3 through high school, but my love of dance developed as an adult! When I walked into Julia’s with my 6-year-old daughter and began watching Yulia teach the love of dance was reignited in my heart! I love watching my own daughter develop new skills and the joy that comes from accomplishments won with hard work. For myself, I love the joy of honing a skill, and finding joy in movement.”

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