We create experiences that will last a lifetime!

We are dedicated to our customers regardless of age and experience.We believe everyone deserves a chance to be happy and free in spirit,and expressthose feelings through the art of dance. That is why we call the experience"Happiness in Motion".We provide instruction, guidance, andchoreography from the best.All dance instructors are held to the highest standards asestablished by our renowned Russian Prima ballerina, Yulia Zhmutski 


                                                                   Your child: 

1. Will practice the fundamentals correctly, avoiding unnecessary injuries and traumas (SAFETY)

2. Will learn correct terminology for all of the movements and techniques, providing competence in scholastic advancement (KNOWLEDGE)

3. Will acquire the true essence of being a dancer, including the ethics and aesthetics (BEAUTY)

4. Will become a highly disciplined artist – a proven factor to improve performance in school and better behavior at home (CONSISTENCY)

5. Showcase their talent and skills mastered at Julia’s and be a part of professional performing arts productions (PURPOSE)

6. Can advance to certification level awarded by industry recognized dance professionals. This certification provides your child entrance into advanced levels of training or performing (CREDIBILITY)




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"Angela‘s one hobby was reading which can be a lonely hobby. The Special Dance and Film classes are hobbies that allow her to work with other people while having fun. She really does love it at Julia‘s!  Thank you for providing a warm, accepting environment for these great young adults! "



Svetlana Todinova.

Ms.Todinova is a professional ballet dancer from Russia and has been performing with the prestigious Moscow Ballet since 2001. Her profile on the official website for the Moscow Ballet's "The Nutcracker" states the following: