This year we are so excited to put on a production, and what better way to preform Cinderella, and our very own version at that! We are happy to combine all our dance disciplines to create a magical and fun atmosphere to this classic story known around the world.
April 12th Rehearsal at Julia's 2p.m.-4p.m.
Shown Above: Pictures of Julia's beautiful dancers performing                                              April 26th Rehearsal at Julia's 2p.m.-4p.m.
May 1st Tech Rehearsal at OU Reynolds Performing Arts Center 5p.m.-Done
May 3rd Dress Rehearsal 8a.m.-12p.m.
May 3rd Cinderella Performance 6p.m.
If you woud like to volunteer for sewing, backstage, stage makeup, or building sets, let us know!


Welcome to Julia's Academy of International Dance where we create experiences that will last a lifetime. We are dedicated to our customers regardless of age and experience. We believe everyone deserves a chance to be happy and free in spirit, and expressthose feelings through the art of dance. That is why we call the experience "Happiness in Motion".

We provide instruction, guidance, and choreography from the best. All dance instructors are held to the highest standards as established by our renowned Russian Prima ballerina, Yulia Zhmutski

Julia’s is a proud member of the following organizations:

7 reasons why being trained by a Russian Prima Ballerina is important to you!

Because Julia’s is the only dance academy in the Midwest and Southwest to have a Russian Prima Ballerina leading our staff, we are the only Academy that can offer you all of these exciting and valuable opportunities!

Your child:

  1. Will practice the fundamentals correctly, avoiding unnecessary injuries and traumas (SAFETY)
  2. Will learn correct terminology for all of the movements and techniques, providing competence in scholastic advancement (KNOWLEDGE)
  3. Will acquire the true essence of being a dancer, including the ethics and aesthetics (BEAUTY)
  4. Will become a highly disciplined artist – a proven factor to improve performance in school and better behavior at home (CONSISTENCY)
  5. Showcase their talent and skills mastered at Julia’s and be a part of professional performing arts productions (PURPOSE)
  6. Will perform with a Prima Ballerina on stage, enabling your child to model the best in the world (PRIDE)
  7. Can advance to certification level awarded by industry recognized dance professionals. This certification provides your child entrance into advanced levels of training or performing (CREDIBILITY)
We started Julia's Academy to create a home for those who seek fulfillment in the performing arts and to bring happiness to children and their families.
We are always excited to share our story with you. To learn more about our values and principles please see our Vision, Mission, and Culture statements.


Vivien has always had a lot of confidence but i think her confidence has grown even more with her dance. This was the most evident this year with the recital. She worked very hard at her tap routine, practicing for hours to the music in front of the computer, watching a video of the routine we made. She was very nervous about not putting on a good show and wanted to have her performance in the bag. When it came time to preform, she got a little flustered durring the show, but i was so proud of all the effort that she put in to prepare.

Vivien is my first little dancer. When I was first looking for a studio, I liked that the emphasis was on dance-learning dance, perfecting dance, loving dance. My sister in law, who has two gorgeous ballerinas, twins-who just came back from a summer of dancing at the Milwaukee ballet, and they said you have to find a studio that teaches, not just preforms. I have found that here at Julia's. I want Vivien to have the skills, I don't want her to just be learning routines for performances, and she is learning a lot.



Students and Parents!

This Saturday, April 12th, is our first full rehearsal for Cinderella. We will still be having normal classes that day as well. Rehearsal is planned to be from 2-4pm but might go over a little since this is our first one. Please come prepared, stretch before you come, make sure you eat, and bring water with you. We are excited and we can't wait to see you there!

Please let us know if you have any questions.