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What to Expect in Your First Ballet Class

Starting anything new can be intimidating, and while our instructors all do their best to make every student feel at home, it can be nice to know what to expect ahead of time.

The formality of the class experience will differ according to the level of the class, with our Tutu Cute classes being much less formal than our upper level classes.

Please be on time, but if you happen to be running late then your instructor will expect you to wait outside the door of the classroom until the music has stopped; then you may open the door and wait to be invited in by the instructor. It is polite to curtsy to your instructor when entering late.

Our youngest students begin their classes by stretching on the floor atop yoga mats. Older students will begin at the ballet barre (a handrail that provides support for the body); the instructor will demonstrate and the students will copy.

Class will progress through many other elements, and as you are learning we hope that you know that our instructors are not expecting perfection, but progress and growth. Our instructors love to build an encouraging classroom experience where students encourage one another and all feel welcome.

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